Thursday, Spyce

We’re settling into this new schedule of life fairly well. So far, I’ve managed to pack Leila’s lunch everyday, get to the bus stop with time to spare, make it to all but one day of my own classes (we were in Ottawa for the Army Half)… the laundry has suffered the most, as expected.

I’m taking three classes and the girls are in pre-school/after school care everyday. I’ve decided to keep things like this. Next term I’m going to take four classes, which will leave me with one more measly class to finish before I’m actually done of this program, and I would take it next term except it just isn’t being offered. Which sucks. But hopefully it will be offered in the spring, if not, what’s one class next fall?

I’ve decided not to go back to work just yet. It was actually kind of a difficult decision for me, since I’m anxious and eager to do something and bored at school. A few things affected my decision: first and foremost, it’s really fucking hard to find an interesting job for 15 hours a week. And trust me, I looked. Secondly, I can’t really and truly move forward until I’ve got this Certificate behind me and the quickest way to do that is to, well, suck it up and just do it.

Part of the reason that I was am so anxious on going back to work is that we have a goal of being debt free (minus the mortgage) within a year. Steve gets a healthy bonus when he performs well and he wants to buy a boat next summer. Plus we’re probably going to refinance the mortgage and add a garage onto the house. We agree that the boat can only happen when the other debt is payed off. And while we’re on track, I want to contribute. For my own peace of mind and to make it happen faster. Anyway, I’ve decided to become a consultant for a company called Spyce. I’m doing my training in a few weeks and actually really excited about it.

In being completely honest here, Steve wasn’t entirely comfortable with it at first. Not for any reason he could articulate, which was frustrating to me. We talk about things and tell each other how we feel about choices, but ultimately, we long-ago agreed never to tell each other what to do. So to want to take his opinion into my consideration of something I actually really want to do is hard when his opinion was It makes me uncomfortable and I don’t know why! I figured it was something to do about the uh, nature of the products.

We talked and talked and finally agreed that it was a good thing for me to do, both for the social aspect and for the fact that it’s the best paying part-time job around.

We came up with some guidelines (I won’t host parties for the women he works with, also I’m not telling my parents. Not because I’m embarrassed, just because it’s not really something I care to talk to them about). I’ll probably be less suspicious about it once you start earning money, he confessed yesterday.

After I complete my training, I’ll have my own website, and will probably link to it on this site and any readers who may be interested in any of the products will be able to purchase them (or book a party with me if you live in the same area).

Other than that, exams start next week and group work abounds (which I hate), and teaching my workshop is going well and my mind has been buzzing about “Life After this Program” and I am feeling excited and positive about the future.

This new schedule, the one involving school buses and pre-school and boxed lunches, it just seems to fit so very well.

3 Comments on “Thursday, Spyce

  1. I love that you are going to be a Spyce Consultant. I’ve always thought I would do a good job with those kinds of parties but I think ultimately, sales isn’t really my calling! Have fun with it!

  2. HAHA! So Spyce has nothing to do with spices, does it? Wasn’t sure til I clicked on the link. Hehe. Sounds like it will be fun and you will be good at it! 🙂

  3. You’ll do great!! Made $185 at my party last night! That’s $62/hr!!! Felt like shit when I got there because of my cold but had a great time in the end. Doesn’t feel like work and it’s hard to argue with the pay! LOL

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