My week in Pictures

It’s been a busy week. From Leila losing her first tooth (a whole story in itself), to the Team in Training session starting, to me putting in some 16 hour days (I know!).

I am swamped and exhausted and somehow still pretty psyched about this crazy busy schedule. I just wrote up my To-Do list for the next four weeks and at the bottom of each one was a final exam. Which means the end of this term is right around the corner. I just finished organizing my classes for next term and I will be done, completely finished, come June. Just in time for a relaxing summer of noisy kids and long training runs and books (actual novels! that are interesting!). Can. Not. Wait.



Tenting in the living room

Top of Citadel Hill downtown Halifax

Martinis with Steve during our “home date” last weekend

Post-Sunshiney Hike

Studying at Starbucks

One Comment on “My week in Pictures

  1. Love the week in pics! What a great idea! I would like to do this but that would mean I’d actually have to take pics huh?? 😛

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