My list of “I Would Never’s”

Ten “I would never’s” that parenting has shoved down my throat in the past five years.

1.) I would never have an epidural (I’ve had two)
2.) I would never give a baby a soother (Alena was happily “plugged in” for the first six months of life – until she switched to her thumb. Which she still sucks.)
3.) I would never scold a child for peeing their pants/wetting the bed. (I have. A lot.)
4.) I would never let the t.v. babysit my kids. (…..)
5.) I would never let my kids spoil their supper with snacks at 4pm. (This happens often.)
6.) I would never get into a yelling match with a toddler/pre-schooler/school-aged child. (Hangs head in shame.)
7.) I would never fight about what clothes I wanted them to wear. (They wear the same three outfits again and again and again.)
8.) I would never use threats as a way to get my kids to do what I want. (If you don’t wipe your own butt, you’re not getting your blanket in the car.)
9.) I would never bride my kids. (HAAAAA!!!!)
10.) I would never cook them a different meal than what Steve and I are eating. (Oh. Huh. Sigh.)

What about you? Any big ol’ mouthfuls of humble pie you’ve bitten into lately?

3 Comments on “My list of “I Would Never’s”

  1. Love this! If only more people were more honest about things like this. TV as a babysitter, making different things for my kids to eat, letting the kids eat meals in front of the TV, negotiating with my children (because no, I’m the mom! There is no negotiating!). Always nice to know I’m not the only one eating humble pie!

  2. Almost all of the above, and then some. (Erm, the only one of yours I haven’t done is the epidural….yet?) 🙂

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