Sickness and Christmas

Alena has been home with me the past two days. She’s mostly fine today but her chest is still really congested and I knew she’d need a big nap and quieter day than she’d get at preschool so she’s here with me.

Chicken pox making their way around the centre and both girls have had a couple mosquito-looking marks on their faces after a day with fevers. Apparently this is chicken pox when you’ve been vaccinated – fever, headache and small, non-itchy marks.

Leila’s Christmas concert was this morning (and another one tonight) and it was so wonderful. I was under strict instructions not to wave, as it would distract her and she wasn’t allowed to wave back. But I saw her looking through the lights for me and when our eyes met, it was big smiles for Mommy.

I’m about halfway done Christmas shopping. We need to get some things for the girls, but Steve and I do that together every year. We also need to decide what to give his 18 year old brother… any suggestions? We’re not that big into gift certificates, so we’d like to do something, but the problem is that hoodies and things that he likes are so expensive (it’s all about the name brand) that they are out of our budget.

Anyway, Alena is napping right now and I was just writing up Christmas cards. Family picture has been sent off to print and the cards will be stuffed later this week I imagine.

I got my first of three final grades back and am very pleased with it. I keep having to remind myself that I actually still have two more final exams to write. Between sick kids and Christmas concerts and the Pampered Chef party I threw myself last weekend (that one deserves it’s own entry, and will have one as soon as my goodies arrive!) and the laundry and the generally wonderful feeling of having a schedule that isn’t too busy, it’s very hard to convince myself to study.

And! The girls are participating as Angels in the pagent in two weeks at church. And I’m spending a few days at my parents for a visit (a long overdue one) after that. And basically, things are lovely right now.

What about you? Is your house starting to feel Christmas-y?

One Comment on “Sickness and Christmas

  1. Wow!! You have been busy!! 🙂 How is Miss Alena feeling? Oh, I remember having the chicken pox – I had them and a broken wrist at the same time, it was great fun lol! I kind of miss the Christmas concerts at school, but I have a Hanukkah concert to look forward to on the 18th. I want to think I’m about halfway done shopping but realistically I doubt it. I have a hard time figuring out what to get my 19 year old brother too. We’ve got him clothes, movies, games, and gift cards in the past. Not very exciting, but what can you do??Good work on your final grades and good luck on the last exams. I love Pampered Chef, can’t wait to hear more about it!

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