After it’s over, it’s over

Three awesome things I am totally loving lately:

1) Ben Taylor’s album: The Legend of Kung Folk. I Shazaam’d a song from a movie the other night and promptly downloaded the entire album. Love.

2) Magic Bullet. Despite the faat that the name makes it sound like a vibrator, this thing is awesome. My mother in law gave it to us for Christmas. I had long been lusting after one, but we had a fully functioning blender so… anyhoo, we have protein smoothies every morning and this is way less hassle than the blender. Plus, Leila loves her a smoothie, so she’s been enjoying it too. (Alena can’t deal with “stuff” her in soft things – yogurt, smoothies, etc. So she doesn’t dig the smoothies.)

3) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Unfortunately, I’ve long given up on environmentally friendly cleaning products in my bathroom. I just don’t find that they work. After a few weeks, it’s all soap scum and mildew. I use damp cloths to dust, safe cleaner for the kitchen and environmentally friendly floor cleaner, but it’s all bleach and foaming bubbles in our bathrooms. Anyway, due to our lack of bathroom fan (and possibly a broken air exchange), our bathroom was gross. I was at the point of embarrassment about it. Anyway, I attached it with a magic eraser and couldn’t believe the results. I’ve been cleaning the tub and corners (problem areas) about twice a month with a magic eraser and the mold/mildew/soap scum are pretty much gone. Ama-za-zing! (They are on the expensive side, and I use one per bathroom scouring. But! They wipe crayons and mysterious marks off walls with zero elbow grease.)

What about you? Anything you’re loving on lately?

One Comment on “After it’s over, it’s over

  1. Magic Erasers are the BEST. I buy a box of them every other month or so, from Costco. I am also loving Lysol wipes. Yep. I’m a hippie cleaning product lover most of the time, but in the season of barfies and whatnot, I’m a Lysol wipe addict for faucets, door handles, bathroom and railings. I try to follow behind with some Dr. Bronner’s soap and water, so the boys don’t pick up the chemical residue, but I feel so much better when I smell the lemony-bleach scent and know I’ve killed the baddies. 🙂 My third current great love? Coconut oil! I slather my face and hands and body in it, use it for cooking, toss a bit in a smoothie. My face hasn’t been this happy in a long time. 🙂

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