I am drinking in breath so that my soul is not thirsty.

That’s how the yoga instructor ended class today. It was a fast 75 minutes, relaxed flow, not strenuous but much needed stretching for my runner glutes and hammies.

One thing that made me think was something she said at the beginning of class. She asked us to focus on our practice, to decide what aspect we wanted to concentrate on and to keep that with us during the entire class.

As class ended, I realized that what I focused on (being strong) perhaps wasn’t what I should have focused on. Maybe what I needed to think about was letting go of being competitive.

I want to be strong and lithe and balanced and well, that doesn’t always come from a healthy place. I want people to tell me how great I am and that I’m strong and fit and lean and lovely. I have trouble recognizing my own strength, and often rely on others to notice and comment on it before allowing myself any sort of validation. Next week, I will focus on my own breath, instead of spying out of the corner of my eye to see who wobbled the most during standing tree pose.

One Comment on “Breath

  1. On my computer!!! So I can actually comment on your blog instead of just reading. I wish my ipad would let me comment. At any rat, I know I’ve texted that I’ve loved several of your recent posts and this one is no exception. I love the quote your yoga teacher said at the beginning of class….you are strong – you have nothing to prove to anyone! We all see it but it is harder for you yourself to see what is right in front of you, your strengths. 🙂 xoxo Will text you later!

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