Judgement Call

What do you guys think about preschool? Not as a synonym for daycare, but as far as developmentally helping the child be ready for school.

Alena is in “pre-school” right now, but really, it’s just daycare. And guys? I’m so sick of daycare. I’m just… done with it. I want my kids out. I don’t want Leila in after-school care, I don’t want Alena there five day a week. I just feel like it’s time for my kids to be at home.

Due to buses and schedules and routines, I am going to keep them in until the end of June. That will keep Leila on the same bus route, it will get me through my program. But next year, when school starts again? I don’t want them to go back. It’s not the daycare’s fault (the girls go to a fine facility have made made friends there). It’s me. I hate arriving home at four-thirty with cranky kids who need my time but the kitchen is dirty and supper needs to be made. I hate that Leila gets off the bus and heads to another structured activity, just like the one she had been in since 8:30 that morning. It’s time for our family to make a change. I know this.

And yet, I don’t want to be home full time. So…

My tentative plan is to teach on campus as a TA two days a week. The prof has already extended the offer and I more than happily took it. I plan on continuing my Saturday gig with Team in Training and on taking a Yoga Teacher Training course for nine months next year (one weekend a month from September – June). I want to find a sitter who will come to my house for three days a week, plus one weekend a month. I want her to keep it clean and run the vaccuum once in a while. I want her to play with Alena and pick Leila up from the bus when I’m out. That’s it. But that’s what I want.

So back to my original question: is pre-school really necessary? Alena has been in daycare since she was 15 months old. She gets structure. She’s also smart, can recognize her name and write a couple of letters. Thanks to being a little sister who idolizes her big sister, she’s learned a lot from playing “school.” I’m more than willing to do any sort of activities that will help prepare her for primary. As far as I can see…. it’s ok to not put her in preschool. But am I missing something?

What do you think? How important is preschool?

One Comment on “Judgement Call

  1. My mother (who works in child behavior and development) SWEARS that children with siblings don’t ‘need’ preschool. I am sure there are plenty that would disagree. I certainly haven’t noticed a difference in my daugther’s abilities or knowledge since starting preschool – but I have noticed a huge surge in her self-confidence. I think so much depends on the temperament of the child and the dynamic of the family. For us, pre-school has been wonderful for our daughter – however, many of the things that I think make it wonderful (being independent from her parents, making her own friends, figuring things out on her own) would also be achieved in a daycare setting – we simply have no need for daycare. She is three, almost four, and since starting pre-school they have only gone over how how to write the first letter of her name (she is in a private preschool that is very popular in our area). I taught her how to write her entire name, we taught her shapes and colors, and we are teaching her counting. I think if your daugther is developing normally and is well adjusted to her daycare environment, then you are already doing everything right.

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