30 Days: Day 1

Today begins day one of my 30 day Vegan challenge/cleanse. I’ve been meat-free for almost a month, so while there will be no grand shock to my system, I do have a few concerns thoughts.

First and foremost: my morning tea. I gave up coffee about a year ago, after realizing that it was causing upset stomach and severe headaches. I tried reducing to one mug a day, but it seemed better to just let it go. So I did. I still miss it, to be honest. So instead, I have a cup of tea each morning. Tetley tea with 2% lactose free milk (my 7 year old is intolerant). I’ve been experimenting this week with replacements for my milk, from almond to coconut and everything in-between. It’s just not the same. So this morning I made myself green tea in my travel mug instead.

Secondly; lunch. Now, don’t get me wrong. No meat is not an issue, and I am lucky enough to work at a yoga studio with a café full of healthy and delicious lunch options. That said, vegan takes things to a whole new level. I figure it’s best (for my wallet as well) to plan on brining my own lunch. That’s not a big deal, as most dinners I cook enough for two family meals, and considering that my kids eat about as much as baby birds, there’s always a lot of leftovers. I plan on bringing yesterday’s dinner for lunch.

Lastly; baked goods. While a sweet tooth really isn’t my vice (I’m more of a salt-lover), I regularly bake muffins, biscuits and other homemade snacks/lunch box fillers each weekend. Everything, everything has eggs or butter or milk in it. Of course my kids prefer the fluffy blueberry muffins to the lower-sugar option of oatmeal apple muffins, but I know that trying out some new recipes can circumvent this situation. If anything, this may prove beneficial for my kids. While we eat very healthy, with little to no candies/junk, the kids do love Mommy’s homemade baking. 

That said, these are all fairly minor concerns. I do find myself naturally eating less than I used to, I’m not completely convinced that this is from the change in my diet but more likely the combination of increased business and heightened stress (I’m the opposite of a stress eater). This week also marked week one of my half-marathon training, so I am very confident that my appetite will be up and running (hah!) in no time.


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