30 Days: Day Five

Vegan Challenge. Or Vegan Cleanse. Or Vegan torture, I’m not exactly sure what to call November.

First off, let me just put it out there that I’m not a good vegan. Last weekend, I wanted to indulge, so I bought some chinese food, the kind from the freezer section. Anyway, it didn’t occur to me until afterwards that there could be eggs in the spring rolls. Sure enough, egg whites was one of the ingredients. Oops. And then this morning, I had a 10k run planned. Factor in a busy weekend and not getting to the grocery store and there was nothing in the fridge except dairy. 10k on an empty stomach is not possible, so I mixed yogurt with my granola instead of the usual almond milk.


Aside from my uninformed and informed slip-ups, I’m just… not really liking it, to be honest. I went meat free a month ago and have not once felt deprived or like I was missing out. I have zero desire for meat or fish. But taking it to a level of veganism makes me feel like I’m missing out. Maybe like I want to eat a muffin more now because I can’t because it has eggs and butter in it. It feels like I have to make 100% of all my own food, and while I make probably about 90% on a regular basis, that extra little bit feels like a big deal, especially on a week when I haven’t had time to fold the laundry or get a proper order of groceries.

In any case, other than my little pity-party, I am going to stick with it for November. I do think that it will get easier and that I’ll get more organized and maybe even see the value in it. (Disclaimer: I have reduced/eliminated meat for a lot of reasons, but the biggest reasons have very little to do with the treatment of animals. Thus this makes some eggs baked into a biscuit not that big of a deal for me.) It’s day five and I’ve slipped twice. That doesn’t bode particularity well for the rest of the month, but also keeps me aware of the fact that it’s important to keep the fridge stocked with fresh groceries, to keep the cups for the Magic Bullet clean and not rolling around in the backseat of my car, and of course, above all else, not beat myself up about an oopsie.



2 Comments on “30 Days: Day Five

  1. Hi, I just started following your blog and hope to try out your yoga studio soon. I’m wondering if I can offer a few words about trying vegan ism from someone who was in your position about a year ago :). Don’t be so hard on yourself about the slip ups. Some days I just needed to eat an oyster or lobster or something….just let it go after you’ve done it. It is a journey, and everyone tries out different paths along a journey, no? It sounds like you are going plant based mostly for health reasons, and that’s ok.
    I found that when I was getting frustrated with veganism, or ‘falling off the wagon’, it usually meant I needed to change up my routine and was eating too much of the same thing…for example, I had a meltdown about hummus and haven’t touched the stuff in 6months. Lol. Another thing I started doing was taking cooking classes in veganism and raw food. Taylor Widrig offers raw food classes at the Joe Howe Superstore and they are super inspiring.(she has a website, google mermaid fare). Also enVie on Agricola street have begun to offer classes. Have you gone to the PCRM 21 day challenge website. I found that helpful when I started too. Make sure to take b12 supplements and vitamin d fortified foods or a supplement 🙂
    I guess when I read your blog on Facebook, it reminded me of where I was a year ago…don’t give up on it. You might decide vegetarianism is better for you..but I’d say see how you feel after a few months of trying Vegan.
    I hope you don’t think me too forward, jumping in on your blog. Good luck, and thank you for the honesty!

    • Annette,
      Thanks so much for your comment, I really appreciate the support! Glad to know there are others out there in the same mind-set. I’ll check out those vegan cooking classes for sure!! Hope to see you in the space soon.

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